A story beyond borders...

This is a story about (good) intentions for 2020, how with that things went upside down and again downside up because of a worldwide pandemic and how that brought all kind of challenges in which the 'just keep on breathing and relax' modus was the best to face them all.

While some people were complaining about the fact they couldn't go out for dinner other people hadn't dinner at all because of this crisis. I learned a lot of both and started to write about it.

Meanwhile my life just went on and I wouldn't be me if I didn't make plans, so I'm looking forward to the moment the world is back on her feet and I'm allowed to fly in #lifeaftercorona so I can be teached to become a semi professional Djembé player in two weeks (his words), learn how to play the Bollong and the Dun Dun and more instruments I forget the name of (no such thing as setting bars too high 😂), play together, have fun, make the early morningwalks we nowadays do digital and pick up the handmade Guinean djembé which is reserved for me and only need to be finetuned, besides just easy going (doing doing) discover Guinean vibes in the Gambian style and meet my brother overthere.

The blog I started is called 'drums in the time of Corona' (read it here) , because drumming keeps the energy high, makes people connect and spread good vibes. By playing drums you turn your face to the sun and espacially in the time of such a pandemic you should do so. Just like the tournesol. 🌻